Summer Health & Sun Screen

One of the most important health tips during the summer months is to
make sure you are consuming enough water to stay hydrated. Being
adequately hydrated is essential for reaching optimal health and
wellness. There are so many benefits that water provides for your body.
Some of those benefits include regulating body temperature, protecting
for your tissues and joints, preventing constipation, improving skin
complexion and maximizing physical performance.

Below are a few ways to increase your water consumption:
• Keep a reusable water bottle with you
• Replace other beverages with water
• Drink one glass of water before each meal or at certain times each day.
Set a reminder on your phone if you need to!

If you are one of those people that does not necessarily like the taste of
water or easily gets bored only drinking water below are some tips to
help you increase your water intake as well:
• Eat fruits and vegetables. These foods already have water in them so by
eating more fruits and vegetables it not only increases your
consumption of those essential vitamins and minerals but also helps you
stay hydrated
• Try coconut water or sparkling water
• Add cucumber, strawberries, lemon or other fresh fruit or vegetables
to your water for a refreshing twist
• Try popsicles or smoothies but make sure to watch the amount of
sugar you are consuming with these options
• Unsweetened tea can be a low sugar option to increase your water