Healthy Hair Tips for Summer

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Summer is one of the harshest seasons on hair. With it comes sunlight, humidity, and chlorine or salt water from swimming. Despite all this, healthy hair is possible with just a few healthy hair tips – here’s how.

How to Protect Hair from Chlorine
Nobody wants chlorine hair! Chlorine can strip hair of natural oils and remove the coloring in dyed hair. It can even turn blond hair green. One of the best defenses is wearing a swim cap to protect hair from the harsh chemicals. If the damage is already done, it is best to consult a professional stylist to see if the damage can be reversed or at least hidden with fresh color. A gloss or glaze treatment is less expensive than a full color and may fix the brassiness of chlorine damaged hair.

How to Protect Hair from Direct Sun
Sun not only bleaches hair, it can also create dry, damaged hair. One trick is to apply a hydrating oil mask to the hair once a week. The best sun protection for hair is to wear a hat outdoors or apply a UV blocking serum to hair before stepping outside.

Salt Water and Hair
A little salt water won’t hurt hair. In fact, a dip in a salt water pool or the ocean can be beneficial. A simple towel-dry and scrunch adds beachy waves to hair. A lot of time in salt water is another story. It can make hair hard and dry, and it can damage color. Applying a serum that is made specifically to protect hair from salt water is key. A pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and leave-in conditioner before a dip can help too. If hair has already been damaged by salt water, a leave-in conditioning treatment may soften the hair follicle.

How to Protect Hair from Humidity
Humidity can make even the straightest hair frizz. A straightening serum used before a straightening iron keeps hair smooth and can also be used as one of your anti humidity hair products. The serum can also make the style last much longer. If straightening isn’t an option, an anti-frizz serum might work. This serum works best when a small, pea-sized dollop is squirted into one hand, the hands are rubbed together vigorously, and the serum is massaged through the hair, starting at the roots and working upward.

Summer doesn’t need to be hard on hair, now that you have these healthy hair tips! Follow these summer tips and you’ll have healthy, beautiful hair throughout the hot months and straight into autumn.